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Stronger Together Community Services recognizes the need for access to quality mental health services and the stigma often faced by those in pursuit of healing, health, and wellness. We are dedicated to providing a variety of healing practices including traditional talk therapy, holistic approaches that benefit both mind and body, and adventure based programs that provide the opportunity for exploration. We welcome all who find themselves on the journey to embrace life, overcome barriers, and face challenges together. Our philosophy is grounded in the belief that empowering others leads to growth, connection, and community.

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STCS Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Board Mission

STCS recognizes the need for community agencies to address the ongoing impact of racism, oppression, violence against minority groups.

We have built our organization from the foundational belief that DEI boards should be the heart of our agency. We believe that operating with integrity and sensitivity to the varying perspectives we hold as community members, requires us to lead from a space of continual review and evaluation of our practices, policies and procedures that guide our holistic approach to healing.

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Current events you should be part of!

A Healing Space

A Weekend Retreat for Survivors of Domestic Violence
Our Domestic Violence Survivors retreat is intended for anyone who identifies as a woman+ who has endured the physical and psychological impacts of abusive relationships. Our team of experts guides survivors through a series of experiential activities that increase self-confidence, enhance insight, build skills to navigate future relationships and create a community of women who support one another throughout their healing journey.


  • Venture Active

  • ​​​​​​​Stronger Together Community Services


Group therapy, art therapy, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, and yoga.


The retreat is at a confidential location, about 5 hours outside of San Diego (transportation provided).


August 12th - 15th, 2021 (Thurs.-Sun.)


Begins: 5:00 PM on Friday
​​​​​​​Ends: 1:00 PM on Sunday


$1,000 (Full and partial scholarships available)
*All meals and activities are included in the cost of this retreat.

To register or donate to this retreat contact Allison at:


Please help support Stronger Together and our work with survivors of human trafficking. We are now offering our healing services to a group of women, who are seeking comfort, healing, and safety as they exit their current circumstances and enter into an opportunity for growth and empowerment.


Each survivor is seen weekly for individual and group therapy sessions. Therapy is trauma-focused and STCS utilizes models with the highest efficacy to ensure that the women we serve are provided with treatment that is tailored to their needs and effective in the treatment of complex trauma. Survivors engage in a variety of holistic healing opportunities which are facilitated by a leader of our recreation team and a therapist, which allows for truly holistic mind-body healing.

  • Trauma-informed yoga

  • Breathwork practices

  • Reiki

  • Rock climbing

  • Hiking

  • Standup paddleboard

Our STCS program is in partnership with a confidential women's organization that supports these survivors with housing, food, clothing, and other resources. The partnering organization is a confidential program supporting survivors of human trafficking. If you would like more information about our partnership please contact Allison at


Your donations support the work we do to ensure that these women are provided with quality mental health treatment, are given opportunities to explore the healing power of nature, and empowered to grow and connect with their inner strengths.

Participation in the STCS program is voluntary, the women we serve have chosen to seek additional support through STCS, on their journey to wellness and recovery.

meet the crew

Dr. Allison Brownlee
Ciara Guedesse
Shelley Rezai, AMFT
Reihaneh Mahdavishahri

What’s happening at STCS

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  • Coping with COVID
  • Monthly Nature Walk Group
  • Parenting During the Pandemic
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