How Can I Connect More with My Partner?

How Can I Connect More with My Partner?

Being in a relationship can be very hard work, and with the stresses and strains of everyday life demanding our constant attention, it can be easy to feel as though you and your partner are being pulled in different directions. It’s important to remember that relationships naturally change and evolve over time, and so too can the things that connect us to the ones that we love. This can lead to feelings of disconnect, and you may start to struggle to relate to one another in the same ways that you used to.


Fortunately, there are things that you can do to establish your connection with your partner and to create positive habits that make reinforcing it a daily commitment that makes your relationship stronger.


Here are our top tips for reconnecting with your partner.


Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy

Also known as EFT, emotionally-focused couples therapy is a well-known, structured approach to couples therapy that is designed to help couples develop stronger emotional bonds. It involves three defined stages that encompass a total of nine steps that enable your therapist to track your progress. The three steps are:


  1. De-escalation: This looks at identifying negative interaction patterns that contribute towards conflict, enabling couples to see how undesirable behaviors could be hurting their relationship.


  2. Restructuring: During this stage, each partner learns to share their emotions and show acceptance and compassion for one another. This helps to create more secure emotional bonds.


  3. Consolidation: Your therapist will help you to work on new communication strategies for interacting, and these will replace previously negative patterns. These new, positive cycles will become self-reinforcing and create positive, permanent change.


Couples Activities

One of the best ways of connecting with your partner on a deeper level is to take part in activities together that you both enjoy. These can be as part of your usual daily/weekly routine – such as bike rides, dance classes, or language lessons – or as part of a structured event, such as a couple’s retreat.


Attend A Couples Retreat

Couples retreats are specifically designed to help enhance relationships through the activities and services that are on offer. For example, our highly popular retreats include activities such as:


  • Yoga


  • Massage class


  • Rock climbing


  • Reiki


Our couples retreats are intended for couples who want a hands-on opportunity to practice their skills and engage in new challenges together. In addition to physical challenges, couples are encouraged to practice mindfulness together and spend time with our experts who have the experience and training needed to guide them through any challenges that they are currently facing in their relationship.


Show Interest In Your Partner’s Interests

We know it can be difficult to get enthusiastic about things that you don’t enjoy, but actually showing an interest in the things that your partner is interested in is a great way to reconnect with one another. You may even find that after some time, you start to actually enjoy the same things which could give you another activity to do with one another, strengthening your bond even further.



If you would like further advice on ways to connect more with your partner, or to ask us about our couple’s retreats, please get in touch with us at Stronger Together by calling (858) 434-8100.

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