How Spending Time in Nature Can Relieve Stress & Anxiety

How Spending Time in Nature Can Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Life can be incredibly stressful, particularly when in addition to the usual pressures of work, family, money, and more, we’re also living through a global pandemic. Stress is much more than just a drain on your mental health though. It can also have very real physical effects, from causing high blood pressure and headaches to preventing you from sleeping and lowering your natural immunity.

Anxiety also goes hand in hand with stress. Defined by persistent, excessive worries that don’t go away, stress often causes people to become anxious or fearful. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to help.


How Nature Heals Body and Mind

Research has proven that spending time in nature can help to relieve physical and emotional stress and anxiety. Being in nature, or even simply viewing images of nature, can lower blood pressure, reduce fear and anger, lower feelings of stress and anxiousness, and actually stimulate feel-good endorphins and dopamine, which promote feelings of happiness and contentment.


Other studies have shown that time spent in green spaces significantly reduces cortisol – which is a stress hormone. When stress leaves the body, it has a physical effect, causing tension to drain from the muscles, blood pressure reduces, the heart rate drops and steadies and brain activity calms.


Easy Ways to Spend Time in Nature

There are lots of ways that you incorporate spending time in nature into your daily routine. These include:


  • Daily walks

  • Opening windows and spending time looking out of them

  • Repositioning your desk so that you face outside

  • Go for a drive in the countryside

  • Go horseriding, kayaking, or sea swimming

  • Follow a cycle trail

  • Listen to nature sounds when relaxing or when falling asleep at night


Herd Healing Programs

As we know, spending time outdoors and particularly with animals is extremely beneficial for our mental health and wellbeing. With this in mind, the Stronger Together Community is pleased to offer a variety of ‘herd healing’ programs.


During our herd healing programs, individuals and groups can spend time with our wonderful farm animals, taking part in structured activities or simply enjoying their company, in order to benefit from their calming, soothing effects. Some examples of our herd healing programs include:


Goat Yoga

Take the therapeutic effects of yoga to the next level with our goat yoga program, where your classmates will be our healing herd of pygmy goats.


Mini Horse Meditation

Meditation is proven to be extremely effective at helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Our group mediation program promotes insight, healing, and self-care, and includes time with our mini horses to enhance the experience further.


Individual Equine Healing

If you are struggling with emotional issues, under a lot of stress, or are regularly becoming anxious and overwhelmed by simple things, you could benefit from our individual equine healing program which involves spending one-to-one time with our mini horses and one of our experienced equine healers.


We are able to tailor any of our herd healing programs to your specific needs or design a program specifically for your interests. Please enquire with us directly.



For more on the benefits of spending time in nature for your body and mind, visit Stronger Together in San Diego, California. Call (858) 434-8100 to schedule an appointment today.

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