Is Telehealth Therapy As Effective?

Is Telehealth Therapy As Effective?

Telehealth describes the practice of “visiting” a doctor or healthcare professional via the phone or through videoconferencing. Telehealth has been around for years, but most people are just finding out about it. 


The practice of telehealth has become increasingly popular during the COVID pandemic. During therapy, the sessions are conducted online using apps or programs such as Skype or Zoom. When considering your therapy options, it is necessary to find out whether telehealth therapy is as effective as in-office therapy.


Conducting Therapy Online


Therapy is a healthcare practice that involves interaction between a therapist and a client. For online therapy, the therapist and the client are not in the same room. Therapy sessions take place through a smartphone or computer. 


The relationship between therapist and patient is very important, and ideally, it should take place face-to-face. However, most people find that the online option can be very convenient. The sessions are generally the same as the in-office visits.


Safe and Effective Option


Research has shown that telehealth therapy is very safe and effective. The sessions that take place through online channels are just as effective as regular in-office therapy. Telehealth is not simply a reaction to social distancing guidelines. It is a way of the future.


It is a safe practice that is showing very positive results. The personal interaction may not be the same, but the actual connection is not lost. Most people adjust to online therapy very fast. Clients can get the help they need through online sessions. 


Secure and Confidential


Some people have concerns about the issue of security or confidentiality. Regulations are in place to require therapists to ensure that their systems are secure. Most therapists have gone to great lengths to make sure that online conversations remain confidential and secure. 


Some safeguards and procedures help secure telehealth sessions. Videoconferencing software has continued to improve, and more therapists are embracing the virtual option.


Benefits of Telehealth Therapy


The main benefit of telehealth is the fact that the patient does not have to leave home to visit a therapist. This makes it convenient to get much-needed help wherever the patient may be. Many patients also report being able to open up more easily to their therapist. 


They feel more comfortable and safer in their own home. Another benefit is that certain therapeutic exercises are more effective when practiced in the patient’s natural environment. Performing exposure therapy exercises at home where they are most needed is more effective.


Downsides of Telehealth Therapy 


A major downside of telehealth therapy is that some patients find it difficult to find a quiet location for their sessions. This is especially the case for clients who have families or busy households. 


Another downside is the potential for technological issues on the computer or smartphone. However, technology problems are usually easy to solve. The telehealth programs are user-friendly and easy to use even for those who are not as technologically adept. 


Teletherapy is just as effective as in-person counseling. If you need more information to decide whether the option is right for you, talk to your therapist. Find out more about telehealth therapy and discuss any concerns that you may have. You can talk to your therapist about a short trial session to see how you feel. 


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