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DEI Advisory Board Members
Lisa Meyer (Chair) -
Allison Brownlee -
Reihaneh Mahdavi -
Shane Padamada -
Claire Lemus -
Esther Lapite -
Roxanna Llamas -

Clinical Services & Staff Relations Committee
Allison Brownlee - Committee Leader

Outreach Committee
Shane Padamada - Committee Co-Leader
Claire Lemus - Committee Co-Leader

Training and Education Committee
Reihaneh Mahdavi - Committee Leader

Scholarship Committee
Lisa Meyer - Committee Leader

Fundraising Committee
Allison Brownlee - Committee Leader

Social Justice Action Committee
Roxanna Llamas - Committee Leader

Research Committee
Allison Brownlee - Committee Co-Leader
Reihaneh Mahdavi - Committee Co-Leader
Claire Lemus - Feedback & Assessment Subcommittee Leader

To learn more about the DEI Mission at STCS, any of our boards, or to make a donation that supports a specific board or initiative, please contact us.

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