Dr. Allison Brownlee

Dr. Allison Brownlee

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Founder

Dr. Brownlee and her STRONGER TOGETHER program:

Dr. Brownlee strives to create safe and trusting environments in therapeutic and classroom settings. Whether Dr. Brownlee is facilitating a domestic violence survivors retreat, supervising associate MFTs, or teaching a course in couple’s counseling she is dedicated to building communities that are STRONGER TOGETHER! Dr. Brownlee has created the "STRONGER TOGETHER" foundation as a way to empower others and build lasting connections.

Dr. Brownlee is currently a program director for a county-funded program that supports CWS involved children and their families on their path to reunification. Dr. Brownlee leads a team of 20 clinical and case management staff who facilitate parenting groups throughout San Diego County and serve 300 families annually.

Dr. Brownlee also teaches at Alliant International University in both the masters and doctoral levels in the Couple and Family Therapy and Clinical Psychology programs. Dr. Brownlee instructs students in Couples Counseling, Family Systems, and Practicum courses. Dr. Brownlee is passionate about teaching and earns high praise for her ability to communicate clearly, effectively, engage students, and help them integrate theory into practice.

​​​​​​​Dr. Brownlee’s research has focused on the impact of negative childhood experiences, current mental health symptoms (depression and anxiety), and interpersonal relationship distress (difficulty with romantic partnerships and family members). Findings from Dr. Brownlee’s research indicate that adverse childhood experiences (measured by the ACES) predict depression and insecure attachment strategies in adulthood; as well as impact an individual’s ability to be mindful and access a full range of emotions. Essentially, the research points to the importance of overcoming the negative impacts of negative childhood events, in order to live life fully and experience your maximum potential in work, relationships, and overall mental health and wellness. Dr. Brownlee has based her practice on these findings, determined to help individuals, couples, and families recover from traumatic events, difficult relationships, and other distressing experiences that inhibit their ability to love themselves and one another.

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