Jessica Yaffa

Jessica Yaffa​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Jessica Yaffa is an internationally-recognized healthy relationships expert, speaker, trainer, and coach. Having won multiple awards, and published two books, Jessica has been praised by the community, professionals, and the media alike.

As a survivor of extreme domestic violence, Jessica has spent nearly two decades studying, advocating, and teaching others about the dynamics of healthy relationships. Her message has spread around the globe, taking root right here in the US, and reaching as far as Iraq, South Africa, and London.

The Stronger Together Foundation is honored to partner with such an influential leader in the field and bring together strong teams of relational experts who combine experience to provide a comprehensive treatment approach.

Jessica is able to connect with our community members on a personal level and help individuals to accelerate their growth by offering experiential activities that focus on the view of self, self-esteem, boundaries in relationships, and the continuum of healthy partnerships.

To learn more about Jessica and her team, please visit her site!

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