Research Mission

STCS recognizes the need for community agencies to address the ongoing impact of racism, oppression, violence against minority groups. We believe that operating with integrity and sensitivity to the varying perspectives we hold as community members, requires us to lead from a space of continual review and evaluation of our practices, policies and procedures that guide our holistic approach to healing. Our board leaders and members represent a diversity of education, skills, and knowledge and bring their unique perspectives to each facet of our organization.


This committee works to design and implement programs aligned with STCS clinical values and this DEI mission and vision. Research conducted by the committee will focus on outcome measures and program efficacy. The research committee will also make recommendations for change, based on the results of ongoing research within STCS.


​​​​​​​This subcommittee assesses the internal cultural profile of STCS staff and the cultural profiles of the people we serve. This subcommittee collects data, analyzes current cultural profiles, and makes relevant suggestions to the STCS Leadership Team and DEI board. The function of these recommendations is to promote diversity, equity & inclusion for STCS staff and clients. This committee also surveys the current cultural climate of STCS.

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