Sarah Herring

Sarah has a holistic approach to helping people. She has been a yoga and mindfulness teacher helping individuals reduce stress through effective mind and body practices. Sarah completed her 200-hour Hatha yoga training in Bali, Indonesia with Noah Mazé. Sarah has created workshops to teach mantras, meditation, and breath techniques helping individuals of all ages and backgrounds mitigate stress and tension. Innovatively, Sarah has taught meditation and trauma-informed yoga to the homeless population helping to reduce the physical and emotional discomfort of being homeless.

Sarah is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Alliant International University. Sarah uses a client centered approach that is trauma informed with an attachment lens. She is interested in working with families, individuals, and couples.

Having a keen interest in culture and diversity, Sarah has worked and lived abroad in England, South Africa, Sweden, and Indonesia. Her multicultural perspective is the underpinning of her approach to guide and support people in bettering their lives.

Prior to pursuing her Master’s degree, Sarah taught math, English, Swedish, history, and religion to socioeconomically diverse students. She provided academic strategies for students with learning differences such as dyslexia, and ADHD leading to improved academic outcomes.

Moreover, she taught multicultural students from Syria, Africa, Italy, South America, and Poland who faced staggering personal issues such as homelessness, food insecurity and cultural bias. Sarah addressed self-esteem issues by helping students conquer difficult tasks and master emotional regulation.

Sarah has also worked as a shelter monitor for the homeless exploring the causes of homelessness and how to intentionally work with service organizations to help individuals. Through these experiences she has gained an understanding and insight into proven solutions that can end homelessness. Importantly, Sarah has learned how to interact sensitively and appropriately with the homeless population to garner trust and develop rapport.

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