Tina Bell

Tina Bell

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #103370:

​​​​​​​Tina Bell has spent years working in community mental health programs, with foster youth and their families. Tina has particular expertise in childhood trauma and the impact of abuse. Tina skillfully navigates issues of abandonment, lack of trust, defiance toward authority figures, internalized or explicit anger and resentment issues, substance use, and low self-worth. Tina comes from Trauma-Informed Training and looks beyond symptoms to find the underlying negative view of self, attachment wounds, and other trauma that impact an individual’s ability to behave in healthy and connected ways.

Tina is grounded, insightful, and passionate about the work she does to support growing clinicians. Tina models authenticity in her work and understands the value of connection and support for growing therapists. Tina focuses on helping clients to look deeply inside of themselves and discover what they need to be fulfilled in this life.

To learn more about Tina, please visit her site! https://www.blueowlcounseling.com/about-1

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